FARTS Recurring Appearences

These are characters who do not have the excuse of being on the FARTS staff, but are still in more than one episode or are confirmed to be in another episode in the future.

Name: Zero
Origin: RPGC Staff Member
Profile: Zero is a so-called Mysidian, one of the people who used to hang out at Mysidia, a place where insanity is the norm. He is also a RPGC staff member. Of all the Mysidians, he probably shares the most interests with Macc. He's a bit on the trigger-happy side, but then that could be considered a good thing for all practical purposes.
Zero's Dr. Sbaitso transcript

Name: SpoonyBard
Origin: Friend of Macc's, former RPGC Staff Member
Profile: Also a Mysidian, an ex-staff member of RPGC, and creator of the webcomic Online Life. Favorite activities include comic making, RPG Making and MUSHing. Some of the stuff in the "Comics and art about me" section (a subsection of the "Other" section of my site) was done by him as well.
SpoonyBard's Dr. Sbaitso transcript

Name: Lunaris
Origin: RPGC Staff Member
Profile: Another Mysidian, who's finally fulfilled his ambition to become a RPGC staff member. You may have already seen him taking care of security at the RPGC Mailbag ever since Cidolfas took over. Definately #1 on the trigger-happy list. He's also the self-proclaimed Typo Master, and lives up to that title.
Lunaris' Dr. Sbaitso transcript

Name: Mazrim Taim
Origin: RPGC Staff Member
Profile: Youngest of the Mysidians, and RPGC staff member. Likes writing poetry, maths, and pretty much anything requiring lots of rational thought. Though acting like a sage most of the time, he can match the randomness of the other Mysidians easily if he chooses to. When there is need for wisdom, Mazrim would usually be the one to provide it.

Name: Cidolfas
Origin: RPGC Staff Member
Profile: Everyone knows Cidolfas, right? He's the guy that took over the Mailbag at RPG Classics for me, part-time Mysidian, and the creator of many, many shrines. A very hard worker indeed. Used to be often seen with his mailbag cohorts Lunaris and Ozzie, but they understandibly ditched Ozzie after Cid stopped doing the Mailbag.

Name: Orakio
Origin: RPGC Staff Member
Profile: Creator of many, many RPG Shrines. Likes to cast the ultimate magic from the Phantasy Star universe, Megid, whenever he gets the chance. Has trouble going down stairs for some mysterious reason. He's also done a FARTS-like series called Get Wise. Apparently, there is some relation between him and Macc...

Name: Kunoichi
Origin: Friend of Macc's
Profile: Kunoichi's a female android with wild mood swings, often going from psychotic to sickeningly sweet in a heartbeat. Has only one known weakness: cute furry animals. She often drops by the HQ for unknown reasons. Macc likes to think it's because she's got a thing for him, but he got his ass kicked for that remark when she read this, as predicted. Though her reaction to Kaisha's appearance would once again make one wonder...

Name: Kaisha
Origin: Macc's girlfriend
Profile: A Neko (or catgirl, if you prefer that term), who Macc's been seeing on a regular basis for several months now. He just didn't tell many people, so it came as quite a surprise to most when she suddenly showed up. Macc and Kai are both fiercely protective of eachother, so if you mess with one, you mess with both. Which is unwise, seeing as how they're both packing quite a bit of firepower.

Name: Nei
Origin: Phantasy Star II (past version from Nei's Adventure)
Profile: The tragic heroine from Phantasy Star II, apparently somehow returned to life. Used to be like a sister to Rolf/Macc, and so is understandibly very fond of him. She will play a very important role in the future storyline...

Name: Joutei
Origin: Parallel Universe
Profile: The T'ai Chi Joutei, or Joutei for short, a being of great power created by the fusion of Kunoichi and Macc, whom he refers to as Yin and Yang. He was transported here from a parallel universe by a freak accident, and seems to like destroying things, even though he sure takes his sweet time in actually doing so. Mirai Macc chopped him to bits, but his head flew off, and came back attached to a new body. Obviously suffers from DBZ Villain Syndrome.

Name: Rast
Origin: Founder of RPGC
Profile: Rast quit as webmaster of RPGC a long time ago, but he still cares about RPGC, and occasionally drops by to see how things are going, intervening when the need is greatest. Due to the law of unbelievable coincidence, usually just in time to help out when I've gotten myself in trouble again. He has his lair set up at RPGC, even though he's not around often.

Name: Ash Ketchum
Origin: Pokémon
Profile: The stupid, annoying main character from the Pokémon anime. It seems he's come to the HQ in order to get his runaway Pikachu back, but the rodent doesn't seem interested. Hey, can you blame him?

Name: Pikachu
Origin: Pokémon
Profile: Everyone loves Pikachu, right? ...okay, so hardly anyone over the age of 7 does. But he's here too and we have to live with it. Got eaten by Bahamut once, or so we thought... apparently that was just a Pikachu, not the Pikachu. But at least he's dumped that loser Ash for Kunoichi, that's a step in the right direction.

Name: Jessie & James
Origin: Pokémon
Profile: For those of you who don't know (shame on you!), Jessie and James are members of Team Rocket. They're the brilliant bad guys from Pokémon, and the ultimate "idiotic recurring villains", the likes of which Ultros and Gilgamesh can only dream of equaling. You can bet they'll always be around with another hair-brained scheme when you most expect it.

Name: Mr. T
Origin: You wanna try asking him?
Profile: A 1980's pop culture icon, Mr. T is, simply put, invincible. Was once in charge of security at Macc's HQ, but has vanished without a trace, courtesy of Joutei. Will he ever return to the HQ? Only time will tell...
Mr. T's Dr. Sbaitso transcript

Name: Daos & Amon
Origin: The Lufia series
Profile: The Sinistral Daos was once tricked in a contract with Dark Macc, but his lawyer Amon found a loophole and got him off the hook. There doesn't seem to be any reason for them to return in the future, but then who needs a reason?

Name: Ozzie
Origin: Chrono Trigger
Profile: Magus' unpowerful flunkie got a new job as Cidolfas' flunkie at the RPGC mailbag, but is now once again jobless. He's most famous for running away from each and every fight before anyone can get a decent hit in if at all possible.

Name: Bahamut
Origin: Final Fantasy
Profile: Rast and Cidolfas often summon Bahamut to battle alongside them, not that they really need a reason to summon him. Like Kunoichi, Bahamut likes cute furry animals, but in a different way...