FARTS Cast of Characters

There have been a LOT of characters in FARTS over the past few episodes. Here is the cast of characters that have been in FARTS so far. Listed are the character's name, function (if they are a staff member), origin (if they're from a game this is what game they came from, if they're a real person their relation to Macc is listed instead), and a short profile. I divided it into different sections, 'cause... well, there's just so many! Note that there ARE story spoilers in here, so if you haven't already done so I strongly advise you to watch all the episodes before you proceed.

I've recently added Dr. Sbaitso transcripts for some of the FARTS Staff Members and Recurring characters. What are they all about? Well, they're basically a log of a conversation the character had with Macc's artificially intelligent psychologist bot. They give you a little insight into the characters' general behavior, but they're mostly just there for fun. ^_^

FARTS Staff Members
Recurring Appearances
Cameo Appearances

Retired Characters