Hello there, all you RPG fans! Welcome to FARTS, the Fairly Aimless RPG Talk Show! Naturally, I, Macc Maverick, will be your host these... um... well, I don't know how long this show will survive, it all depends on you, the viewers. Obviously, no ratings means no show. But back to business. Here's the deal: In my talk show I will interview both RPG characters and real people on different topics... or at least try to.

Episode List

Episode 1 - The First FARTS

Well, this first episode didn't quite come out the way I expected to (something that became a trend in future episodes), but the idea was to have a meaningful discussion with Setzer and Strago, see how life after FF6's been treating them.

Episode 2 - You spoony... uh... guys!

The second episode is my first attempt on interviewing actual people... a challenge indeed! The guests for this one are RPGC staff member Zero, and former RPGC staff member SpoonyBard. What did we talk about? What didn't we talk about?

Episode 3 - Conversations and confrontations

In the third episode, I interview Rast, the founder of RPG Classics. We touch quite a number of... er... interesting topics, when suddenly things go horribly wrong...

Episode 4 - Mission: Implausible

This episode is where the wrongs from episode 3 are rectified. It features me being a guest on my own show, senseless destruction, gratuitous anime references, and many, many special cameo appearances guaranteed to leave you dazed and confused!

Episode 5 - Too many Cids!

Come on, don't tell me you didn't see this one coming. A show in which all Cids from the Final Fantasy series would be interviewed... that was the idea anyway. I guess I've got myself to blame for how it all turned out... but then again, the guests themselves were no help, either. And if that wasn't enough, an alien invasion and a villain from a parallel universe make the chaos complete! Warning: This episode contains lots and lots of bad language... in more ways than one.

Episode 5.5 - Online Life Macc's HQ Storyline

As you may or may not (but should) know, Online Life is a sprite-based webcomic by SpoonyBard which features a lot of people that are also featured in FARTS. He once did a storyline about Macc's HQ, which takes place sometime in between episodes 5 and 6. Clicking on the link above will take you to the beginning of that storyline. All you have to do then is keep hitting the "Next" button to proceed through it.

Episode 6 - The visitors

Finally, episode 6 is complete, so you won't be stuck with just a teaser anymore. Find out who those shadowy figures are, witness amazing transformations, and of course there'll be the general insanity you know and love. And is that a storyline? Yup, it sure is. I hope the general humorousness doesn't suffer too much because of it, 'cause it'll only get more storyliney in episode 7!

Special Christmas Episode

I originally planned to have this episode take place after FARTS 8, but what the heck, it fits in just fine right in the order I created these in. In this special holiday episode, Santa is behaving very un-Santa-like, and the FARTS crew rushes to try and stop him. Whoever could be the mastermind behind all this? Watch the episode and find out!

Episode 7 - Who is that masked man?

As promised, even more storyliney than episode 6, though there's plenty of humor too, as usual. The show seems to be going just fine for once, until an unexpected guest arrives. Macc ends up regaining a great deal of lost memories, and some of his mysterious past is revealed... WARNING: This episode contains major Phantasy Star 2 spoilers. I'm sorry, but it just wouldn't have had the intended impact without them. Like Tenchimaru Draconis commented: "For people who don't want to read the spoiler, skip page 16. You'll be confused as hell afterwards, but you won't get the spoiler."